Birthstone Guide

Title - birthstone guide

I love using birthstone crystals in my jewellery, it’s a jazzy way to personalised a piece of jewellery and add a touch of sparkle.

I use Swarovski Crystal Birthstones charms with my jewellery (not genuine gemstones) the crystal charms are symbols representing the month of birth according to the Gregorian calendar.

swarovski crystal birthstone charms

My most popular Birthstone Jewellery designs are available to buy in my shop, and birthstone crystals can be added to most of my jewellery, so if you have a custom request then please feel free to contact me.

Here is some more information about the different gemstones and their beautiful colours:


garnet_gem1January - Garnet - Faith, Truth & Grace

Garnets are commonly found as small pebbles in streams, where the igneous and metamorphic rocks that contain them have weathered away. Garnets come in all kinds of colours such as black, many shades of green and they can even be colourless. This variation in colour comes from metals such as manganese, iron, calcium, and aluminium. Green garnets are most highly prized as they are very rare, as are the colourless stones.


February - Amethyst - Peace, Protection & Tranquillityamethyst_gem1

Amethysts contain quartz, which is often found lining the insides of geodes (rock cavities with internal crystal formations). Colour can range from a faint mauve to a rich purple, though whether the purple colour arises from the amethysts’ iron oxide content, manganese or hydrocarbons is not clear.  The violet colour of an amethyst may fade over time.



aquamarine_gem1March - Aquamarine - Strength, Hope & Creativity

Aquamarines - also called the "poor mans' diamond" -  vary in colour from deep blue to blue-green of different intensities, caused by traces of iron. Naturally occurring deep blue stones are the most prized because they are rare, although yellow beryl stones can be heated to change them to blue aquamarines.



April - Diamond - Innocence, Courage & Healthdiamond

Diamonds are the rich cousins of graphite, both crystalline forms of pure carbon. There are many kinds of diamonds: transparent, translucent or opaque; ranging from colourless to sooty black, with many colours in between. The colour of a diamond depends on the kind of impurities embedded inside it: yellow diamonds, for example, contain minute quantities of nitrogen. 



emerald_gem1May - Emerald - Love, Success & Happiness

Emeralds vary in colour from light to deep green. It’s commonly thought that an emerald’s colour derives from the presence of chromium and/or vanadium, replacing some of the aluminium in the mineral’s structure. The stone can, however, lose its colour when heated strongly.



June - Alexandrite - Charity, Faith & Peacealexandrite

The Alexandrite possesses an unusual characteristic:  in daylight it appears as a beautiful green, sometimes with a bluish cast or with a brownish tint. However, under artificial lighting, the stone turns reddish-violet or violet.




ruby_gemJuly - Ruby - Nobility, Contentment & Enthusiasm

The ruby is among the most highly prized of gemstones: large rubies are harder to find than large diamonds, emeralds and sapphires, therefore their value increases with size more than any other gemstone.



August - Peridot - Happiness, Luck & Successperidot_gem1

Peridot is a gem-quality transparent variety of olivine, a mineral composed of magnesium-iron silicates. The colour of olivine ranges from olive to lime green, sometimes with a brownish tinge. The green colour is due to the presence of iron, while the brownish tinge indicates a higher iron content.



sapphire_gem1September - Sapphire - Wisdom, Serenity & Truth

Sapphires typically appear as blue stones, ranging from very pale blue to deep indigo due to the presence of small amounts of titanium and iron within the crystal structure. The most valued shade of blue is the medium-deep cornflower blue.



October - Rose Quartz - Hope, Purity & Healthrose-quartz-250x250

Rose quartz is one of the most desirable varieties of quartz. The pink to rose red colour is completely unique, unlike any other pink mineral species. The colour is caused by iron and titanium impurities. Rose quartz is used as an ornamental stone and as a gemstone. It is also an alternate birthstone for the month of January.



topaz_gem1November - Topaz - Fidelity, Courage & Serenity

Topaz occurs in a range of magnificent colours – blue, pale green, varying shades of yellow, pink, red, brown and even black. Pure topaz itself is a colourless stone, the coloured variants occur due to minor element substitutions and defects in the crystal.  Some colours are unstable and can fade away; for example, brown topaz can be bleached by sunlight. In other stones, colour changes can be induced by heating.  



December - Zircon - Success, Luck & Prosperityzircon_blue_gem1

Zircon, in its unchanged natural form appears colourless to pale yellow, or green. These colours are caused by minute quantities of thorium and uranium that replaces zircon in the crystal structure.